SMILE Mass is always looking to expand our ambassador and captain program –

runners and special needs partners.

Consider joining our team today!

We are now accepting runners to join us at the Ragnar Relay Cape Cod, Italy Coast-to-Coast, Spartan Race Boston Super, Reykjavik, Iceland Marathon, Falmouth Road Race (7 miles) and Ragnar Relay Reach the Beach.

Ragnar Relay Cape Cod – May 11 – 12, 2018.  Fundraising requirement is $1200.

Italy Coast-to-Coast Relay – June 3 – June 9, 2018.  Fundraising requirement is $7000.

Spartan Race Boston Super – August 11, 2018.  Fundraising requirement is $500.

Reykjavik, Iceland Marathon – August 18, 2018. Fundraising requirement is $7000.

Falmouth Road Race – August 19, 2018.  Fundraising requirement is $1000.

Ragnar Relay Reach the Beach- September date TBD, 2018.  Fundraising requirement is $1200.

International Marathons – includes a $2000 allowance for airfare and accommodations.

Click here to apply for any one of these races.

SMILE Mass has created a junior and adult Ambassador team. Our motto is “We run for all those who can’t”. SMILE Mass Ambassadors get the privilege to enable kids and adults with disabilities the chance to do it all! Our Ambassadors will support a Captain (individual with disabilities) through an entire race, allowing them their moment of glory of finishing a road race; being part of their community, doing what so many families take for granted!


This is how it works:

• An Ambassador is anyone who is able to run or walk a 5K road race.

• As a SMILE Mass Ambassador you commit to run a minimum of 3 – 5 races with SMILE Mass. Click here for a list of races SMILE Mass plans to attend. You can join us at these races, or take part in any other race of your choosing.

• Adult Ambassadors can simply run a road race for SMILE Mass or they can choose to assist a Duo athlete complete a road race, in which case you will become the eyes, ears or legs for the Duo athlete.

• Junior Ambassadors run the 5K road race and receive their finish time. After finishing, if they choose, they can go back out on the race route to assist the Adult Ambassador cross the finish line with a Duo athlete. The goal with the junior ambassador team is to promote inclusion, build self confidence and teach our children that we can all make a difference.

Run for Free – All fees pertaining to any road race you wish to participate in, must be paid by the runner themselves. However, if you wish to take part in the fundraising efforts on behalf of SMILE Mass, through the various fundraising opportunities we have available, or simply by setting up a fundraising page, SMILE Mass will set aside 50% of what you raise to cover registration fees, t-shirts, and any other expenses pertaining to the road races you participate in.

• Being an Ambassador for SMILE Mass means you can run your own road races of your choice, in your neighborhood, town or city, while wearing SMILE Mass running apparel, or simply tap into the SMILE Mass road races already arranged. If you are fundraising for SMILE Mass, all you have to do is send us your registration receipt and we will reimburse you. Furthermore, if you are running with a loved one with disabilities, let us know so that we can get you the proper equipment.

• Duo athletes are special-needs children and young adults of any ability who will either be pushed in specialized joggers (200 lb. limit) or, if able, they can bike, walk, etc.

• Duo runners are adults willing to assist a Duo athete, often times pushing them in a specialized jogging stroller through a road race.

• Duo athletes participate free of charge for any road race organized by SMILE Mass. For races organized by others, Duo athletes will need to go through the standard registration process in order to receive a race bib number (if they wish to receive a recorded time).

To register to be an Ambassador or to register a Captain, click here.