Cape Cod • May 12-13, 2017

SMILE Mass is proud to announce that we will have 4 Teams running in the 2017 Ragnar Relay 200 mile race from Hull to Provincetown. The ‘Ganglia Strikes Back’ and ‘Nicholas’ Angels’ are back for another year of fun and running, along with 2 new teams – Tipsy Turtles and SMILE Mass #4!

ragnar-logo-wonky-u15436Last year each team completed the full race in 30 hours or less. At this point we are still looking for a couple of runners. If you think you are Ragnar material contact us at info@smilemass.org to inquire about a Bib number.

What separates Ragnarians from the rest of the running community and world? Is it our outstanding running abilities? Probably not. What about our remarkable ability to make running in a tutu look sexy? Maybe. The real thing that sets Ragnarians apart is that we make the most of life. Ragnarians are everyday people who seek to do extraordinary things. Furthermore, running for all those who can’t is a privilege.

If you can’t join us, please consider sponsoring one of our runners. Visit our SMILE Mass Ragnar page to learn more!

Would your child be interested in being a Running Partner? Click here to learn more!