Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you might know, I co-founded SMILE Mass in 2009. The inspiration came from my kids, especially Nicholas, whom is severely handicapped. He attends school at Perkins School for the Blind; he is confined to a wheelchair and has many other quirks that make him who he is. But, one thing is for sure; he likes to do what other kids do. He wants to fit in and be needed just like everyone else. So when I started SMILE Mass I wanted to fill that void. Our goal is to help families raising children and adults with disabilities enjoy happy healthy memories through vacation and recreation experiences. For the 4th consecutive year, SMILE Mass will, yet again, participate in the 200 mile Ragnar Relay Cape Cod on May 12 – 13, 2017. We have 4 teams, a total of 48 runners participating. Many of our runners have run for and with us for years, and we at SMILE Mass, would like to keep inspiring them. Therefore this year we want to give them a reason to not only run, but fundraise like there is no tomorrow. We believe if you are connected to a cause and you know why and what you are raising money for, you become so much more successful. We need your help!

IMG_5003The goal of SMILE Mass is to pair each Ragnar Relay Cape Cod runner of 2017 with kids whom have super powers. (special need child/young adult). Please consider letting SMILE Mass run for your son or daughter. Your loved one will not be physically at the race; they will just be there in spirit!

Furthermore, we would like to ask permission to use a picture, short bio and any other information you wish to share with us. This information will be placed on our website, possibly our Facebook page and other social media. We will only use their first name, no last names or cities of residence will be posted anywhere.

Our runners will do all the fundraising, and your child will be their inspiration.

This is how it works.

If you wish to have your child participate, SMILE Mass would need a current picture, and short bio, your child’s t-shirt size, and permission to post your child’s picture on the SMILE Mass website and/or Facebook etc.

Here is what you can expect your child to receive by participating:

  • An opportunity for a meet and greet with all the Ragnar Relay Runners, representing SMILE Mass.
  • An invitation to run in all of our races in 2017 (Falmouth Road Race, Run into Summer, Finish at the 50th, Gobble Wobble 5K/10K, Amsterdam Holland Marathon, and so much more)
  • Team SMILE Mass t-shirt
  • Ragnar Relay medal and possible medals from other races
  • Letter from their runner after the race
  • Other small memorabilia from the Ragnar Relay
  • And with a little luck a perhaps some bonding between the runner and child

Below are some of the kids with super powers who have already committed.

Please let us know before February 15th, if you would like to have your child participate. We need to pair our kids and runners ASAP, to best help their fundraising efforts. Please send picture and bio to If you have questions about this program, you can reach me (Lotte) directly at 617-967-7755.

Meet our 2017 Ragnar Runners and their partners with super powers!