SMILE Mass is actively looking for retail space, approximately 7000 sf., to be transformed into a fully handicapped accessible gym space. A space where everyone will have the opportunity to work out together, despite disability. The gym will offer state of the art equipment. The trainers and coaches will have the knowledge and expertise too not only use all of the equipment, but also to teach the clients to move more efficiently, despite disability.

When someone has a disability, learning to use their muscle tone and strength to the best of their ability not only Increases someone`s self esteem, but their over all health will improve, both physically and mentally. But, perhaps the greatest gift for children and adults with disabilities is that they now have the same opportunity as everyone else, belonging to a gym, right in their own community. And perhaps, with a little luck, they will even meet like-minded people whom love to work out and be active, making new friends.

By providing a barrier free environment like a gym, one could only hope the person with the disability is not defined by the disability, but by the person they are.

We estimate that we need $50,000 to open this gym.